BenQ GL2706PQ 27-inch Monitor UK Review

BenQ GL2706PQ 27-inch Monitor UK Review

Lately we have been living with the BenQ GL2706PQ 27-inch LED monitor. This 2K screen has plenty of room to work with as well as ergonomic options.

The BenQ GL270PQ has decent resolution and could be an option for those looking to get a little bit more screen real estate.

As a casual gamer and (almost) professional writer, will this GL model tick the boxes?

BenQ GL2706PQ design

The GL, this is the first of this range we have had, is obviously not aimed at gamers.

That was my first thought when I unboxed the 27-inch panel. The bezels are about half-an-inch wide and on the top and side edges. This lends a it more utilitarian, rather than flashy, aesthetic. Saying that, it’s not a bad looking monitor though.

You do need some space on your desk. The monitor measures 533 x 623 x 230mm and weighing a tad over 6Kg unboxed. The single foot base does leave the space underneath uncluttered though.

benq gl2706pq side

That base also allows for the screen to rotate.

Whilst we’re on the subject of ergonomics, you can adjust the screen height up to 120cm with a 90 degree pivot. You also able to tilt the display 5 degree forwards and up to 20 degrees in the opposite direction.

benq gl2706pq portrait

The added bonus of portrait mode will no doubt please programmers and artists alike.

benq gl2706pq ports

Around the back of the GL2706PQ you’ll find a HDMI 1.4 port, 1.2 DisplayPort, DVI-D and a headphone jack. All fairly standard stuff, although it is nice to see a DisplayPort making an appearance.

BenQ GL2706PQ performance

Image quality

The monitor uses a TN panel with a 2560 x 1440 – this is classed as Wide Quad HD or WQHD.

The image quality is good and the colour are not washed out. The official stats state a 1000:1 contrast ratio, this is pretty average but definitely not bad for the price.

benq gl2706pq desk

Granted, you won’t be getting those inky and leathery blacks of some more expensive panels, but bright colours are crisp and vivid. Those brighter hues would pop more if they had chance of a darker background though.

I think, overall, the performance is most suited to office work, perhaps with some photo/video editing on the side.

BenQ are proud of their “Eye-Care” cred and this monitor is packing Flicker Free technology. It is also equipped with their blue low-light feature that helps combat eye fatigue.

Again, if you spend hours in front of a screen, like I do, then this kit will come in handy.


Playing games was pretty decent.

The 1ms response time is pretty standard amongst dedicated gaming screens but at this price point I still count it as a real bonus.

The GL2706PQ sports a 30Hz – 78 Hz vertical refresh rate and, as the last monitor I reviewed was the 165Hz -capable AOC AGON AG241QG, I could really feel the difference.

Project Cars and Rocket League were perhaps where I noticed it most.

However, Mortal Kombat, with its colourful comic-book style was glorious.

benq gl2706pq mortal kombat

BenQ GL2706PQ review conclusion

The BenQ GL2706PQ is a very capable workhorse of a 27-incher.

Eye-Care tech helps for those marathon sessions and the range of adjustments really helps to get a comfortable environment.

I would say that this monitor is ideal for an office or home user who wants/needs more than basic but keeping to a sub-£300 budget.

I’ve had a quick look for other 2K monitors available and most start at £350+, which makes the GL an even better buy.

The 1ms refresh rate also hands it some decent skills for casual gaming too!

BenQ GL2706PQ price and availability

You can buy the GL2706PQ right now for £290 from Amazon which is down from the original £320 RRP.

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