Apple Pencil UK Review: A must for your iPad

Apple Pencil UK Review: A must for your iPad

The iPad Pro is one of the best tablets available, and it marks the start of a new chapter for Apple’s larger mobile devices.

The new iPad Pro includes far more features than the previous version, such as better speakers and an optional keyboard, and it’s powerful enough to be seriously considered as a laptop replacement. However, the iPad Pro is also compatible with the Apple Pencil, a brand-new take on the stylus, and one that Apple considers to be an integral part of the iPad Pro experience. Read our review of the Apple Pencil to find out.

Apple Pencil at Amazon UK £115

The white Apple Pencil doesn't look especially inspiring Apple Pencil, but take a closer look and you’ll notice some interesting design touches. It’s slim and elegant, but it’s also perfectly weighted so it’s easy to control. Look at the sharp end of the Apple Pencil, and you’ll also see a nib that’s much smaller than most other styluses. The Apple Pencil clearly shows the amount of thought that’s gone into it. The Lightning charger cap has a small metal ring, and clips firmly onto the top of the pen.

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Apple Pencil review: Performance and battery life

Alternative styluses from the likes of Wacom and N-trig, includes sensors that recognise pressure, altitude and angle. And although Apple haven’t publicised how many levels of pressure the Pencil can spot, but it feels as realistic and assured when using it. Tilt the Apple Pencil on its side and it allows you to shade, too.

This would all be useless without smooth reactive drawing, but the Apple Pencil does that well, too. Latency is, according to Apple, under 20ms – which means that you don't notice it at all. Its firm, too, which helps make the whole experience more tactile and closer to writing on physical paper with a real fountain pen.

The Apple Pencil is good for around 30 of minutes use, and in my experience it was ready to use even after five minutes or so of charging.

apple pencil

Apple Pencil review: Verdict

The Apple Pencil is not a new concept, but it pulls together all the functions we’d expect in a sleek, mature package. It’s quick, intuitive and simple to use, meaning it feels like a genuinely useful stylus.

It's a typical Apple product, well designed, well made and a cut above the competition and it opens up an entirely new dimension of the iPad. If you’ve own an iPad Pro, and you’d like to take handwritten notes in meetings – or if you want to uncover your artistic talents – the Apple Pencil is a must.

Apple Pencil at Amazon UK £115


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