Samsung UE65KS9500 TV UK Review: Curved 4K HDR superiority

Samsung UE65KS9500 TV UK Review: Curved 4K HDR superiority

Samsung’s flagship television, the UE65KS9500, could be the 'ultimate TV'.

Like only the finest LED-backlit TVs, it comes equipped with a full-array local dimming (FALD) backlight, which allows different segments on screen to be illuminated and dimmed independently of each other to generate deeper blacks and higher contrast.


Samsung’s flagship TV screen is curved with an optimum auto depth enhancer which delivers a deeper, wider, clearer viewing experience. The curved screen surrounds you while Samsung's Auto Depth Enhancer technology creates a greater depth of image. The curved screen also offers a wider field of view, bringing the corners closer to you providing a clearer view with ultimate levels of detail.
It also looks the part too: it has a streamlined back and a sleek metallic body combined with the Y-shaped table-top makes it a perfect fit for any contemporary living room.

Picture quality

You will experience stunningly bright true to life images with Peak Illuminator Ultimate technology that redirects energy from dark areas of the screen to bright areas for even brighter images without using any additional power. The peak luminance comes in above 1400cd/m2 even once the TV is calibrated to industry standard levels of accuracy. Samsung’s FALD array can sustain this level of peak brightness pretty much indefinitely.


Enjoy striking levels of contrast even when watching TV in bright environments with Ultra Black Technology. This latest screen technology absorbs light hitting the screen and significantly reduces reflection meaning you will continue to see amazing contrast and details in the darkest shadows no matter how bright the room is in which you are watching.

Viewing angles aren’t as good as others which use other display technologies, but as long as you sit directly in front of the TV, contrast and colours pop from the screen with a vibrancy that transcends the underlying LCD technology, and there are plenty of picture-tweaking controls stowed under the [Expert Settings] submenu which you can use to adjust the image.

HDR gaming and motion performance

For gamers the Samsung UE65KS9500 is extremely responsive to play on – input lag measured at a very lowly 21ms with [Game] mode enabled. This low latency is available in HDR mode too, but you have to manually change [Smart LED] to “High” for maximum HDR impact.


The Samsung UE65KS9500 is one of the best TVs we’ve reviewed and it is hard to find fault. If you’re looking for a truly stunning HDR TV, then it is as good as it gets.

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