Samsung UE65KS8000 UK Review: A superb 4K HDR TV

Samsung UE65KS8000 UK Review: A superb 4K HDR TV

Samsung screens routinely serve up good all-round picture quality even at entry-level or mid-range price points.

As is the case with the UE65KS8000, a 65" HDR-capable television that delivers UHD Premium-certification for a very competitive price.

Design and features

An attractive design: the 65" flat panel is framed by an impressively slim, black bezel featuring a brushed metallic trim around the sides. Together with the recessed Y-shaped pedestal stand, it would really work in a contemporary living room.

A common feature of Samsung is the minimalistic theme including the breakout connection box – that houses four HDMI ports, each of which can easily handle the latest HDR signal from 4K Blu-ray players. Two remote controls – a Smart wand and the usual button type. It is worth noting that Samsung no longer offer 3D support on any of their TV's.

samsung ue65ks8000 review

Image quality

After a look into the user menu to adjust the picture settings of which there are many, but Samsung puts them under the [Expert Settings] submenu to cause less confusion for people who just use the standard settings, after a little tweaking you can sit back and enjoy the breathtaking quality and performance that the UE65KS8000 offers. Black level is really deep for an LED LCD, and shadow detail just above black is faithfully retained. Colours appear very natural too, maintaining good saturation without ever veering towards the overblown.

But be warned as this an LCD display; once you are not looking directly at the TV you will notice a drop in clarity and the colours will look too neutral.


Gaming performance and HDR

There’s only around 20ms of input lag on the UE65KS8000, which comfortably makes it the fastest of any 4K TV out there, a perfect choice for gamers. The likes of Forza Horizon 3 will run smoothly with a very low level of lag. The only small grievance I have is that you’ll have to manually input HDR-friendly settings into the [Game] picture mode, as by default it duplicates the same settings as the TV’s standard dynamic range mode.

The Samsung KS8000 handles on-screen motion really well, something which sports fans will love. The UE65KS8000 ooffers a [LED Clear Motion] option in the [Expert Settings] > [Auto Motion Plus] “Custom” submenu, which inserts blank frames to create the impression of clearer motion.

The Samsung UE65KS8000 supports HDR10 format but not Dolby Vision. We tested the TV with a wide range of 4K HDR options, ranging from Ultra HD Blu-rays to live streaming, and the quality was excellent.


Not a truly outstanding TV, but it is a good all-rounder, particularly suitable for gamers and sports fans who want to move up to HDR. If you’re looking for a super large 4K HDR TV for under £2,000, then this is the one to buy.

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