Edifier E25 Luna Eclipse Bluetooth Speakers UK Review: A top choice

Edifier E25 Luna Eclipse Bluetooth Speakers UK Review: A top choice

The new Luna Eclipse speakers have a very modern design looking oval/moon shape, which is so different from previous models.

The contemporary casing is made from a glossy metal, making them feel very robust. 

Speakers themselves are exposed with the tweeter getting some protection from a metal guard jutting out over it. This means that they are more likely to become damaged if misused, but it shouldn’t be a major issue. 

These speakers come in a 2.0 configuration, and these are joined by a thick cable which is long enough to allow for decent spacing. There are two inputs available on this model, either Bluetooth or 3.5mm auxillary, this should enough for most people.

They come with a remote control, which has basic functions of on/off and then volume. You also have touch buttons on the side of the active speaker. The Edifier E25 Luna Eclipse speakers also require quite a large power module which is inevitable, but cumbersome for high powered speakers.

Each of the E25 Luna’s satellites is equipped with a ¾” silk-domed tweeter and a 3″ full-range bass driver, together producing a pretty impressive 74 watts RMS. This Bluetooth speaker also has two 3″ passive bass radiators, to keep up the bass performance.

Edifier E25 LUNA Eclipse USB, Bluetooth, Wireless + Wired £149.99 (Check current price)


Bass is vastly improved over previous models such as the Edifier R1010BT, but the lack of a subwoofer does mean you don’t get quite the same level of bass as a 2.1 system might give you.

The midrange sound is nice and clear with plenty of warmth in instrumental and vocal tracks. The trebles remain clean without being overly sharp. The is no noticeable distortion or tininess at high volumes either.

Watching TV on my laptop with these speakers I found that voices are pleasant and clear, when gaming the bass continues to perform well for things like gunfire and explosions.

Edifier LUNA Eclipse USB, Bluetooth, Wireless + Wired £149.99 (Check current price)


These are a top set of speakers, well built with a distinct design, and the audio quality is really quite impressive.

They would sit proudly on any computer desk and they would also compliment many of the RGB PC gaming builds of today.

Not having a subwoofer does mean they don't offer superb sound, but then a 2.0 system such as this is a perfectly viable option.

For the £149.99 price tag they are a genuine option to consider, I don't see any others on the market that match up to them in this price range.

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